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Download Plugins Yoast Premium SEO 6.2.0 for WordPress

Download Premium Plugins Yoast SEO 6.2.0 WordPress SEO

Download Premium Plugins Yoast SEO 6.2.0 WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO 6.2, Need an SEO plugin that helps you reach for the stars? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. With Yoast SEO, you get a solid toolset that helps you aim for that number one spot in the search results. Yoast: SEO for everyone.

So there you have it. Yoast SEO 6.2 adds two new passive voice checks – French and Spanish – and several other improvements. So, if that’s your mother tongue or just a language you use regularly, you’ll be delighted with this new addition. Wondering what else is new? Check out the changelog on Don’t forget to hit that update button!

Download Premium Plugins Yoast SEO 6.2.0

Download Free Plugins Yoast SEO 6.2.0

Yoast is a search-optimization firm based in Wijchen, Netherlands. Yoast is currently considered the most comprehensive search engine optimization software available for WordPress users, with its developers responsible for over 10% of WordPress releases.

Integrates with Google Search Console: See how your site performs in the search engines and fix crawl errors. Manage SEO roles: Give your colleagues access to specific sections of the Yoast SEO plugin. Bulk editor: Make large-scale edits to your site.

Yoast SEO is among the famous SEO plugins which are available for Wordpress platform. With the premium version, you even get more options to rank your website higher in the search engine. With the premium version of Wordpress SEO, you can enjoy an ad-free experience along with some premium features like  Internal linking suggestions, Content insights and Redirect manager.

WordPress users now have the best plugin that will make your SEO efforts to be productive. The Yoast SEO plugin is that you need to get your site to the top of the search engines with minimal effort. Every SEO campaign is aimed at getting targeted visitors to visits a specific website and a vast majority of these visitors are from search engines such as Google and Bing and social media sites. Yoast SEO plugin helps in getting you quality traffic from search engines and social media.

The Yoast SEO plugin is user-friendly which makes it perfect for you irrespective of your expertise in web design or SEO.

Yoast SEO Plugin Features

Yoast plugin comes in free and Premium version. Yoast SEO free version has limited features, but the premium has complete features that you need to get the result your desire. Here are highlights of Yoast SEO plugin that makes it your perfect SEO companion.

  • It features up to 5 keywords for optimization on each page, allowing them to be ranked in the search result. This feature is only available in the premium version but limited to 1 keyword in the free version of the plugin.
  • Checks the frequency of the keywords used to ensure they are correctly used, not too few neither too often.
  • Preview of your page is done on Google, Facebook, and Twitter but limited to Google only on the free plugin.
  • The taxonomy for each page of the website is determined by setting post of the primary category.
  • Yoast set up canonical URLs to manage duplicate that Google frowns at.
  • Yoast SEO keeps you technical configuration perfect for search engines, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the technicalities involved.
  • Yoast SEO plugin is updated every 2 weeks to keep up with the current Google algorithm.
  • It suggests internal linking to other pages on your website in real-time.
  • Offers you content insight by showing 5 words or phrase that are frequently used to check if they match chosen keywords.
  • It features a redirect manager that redirects old URLs to new ones, retaining visitors that would have been lost through 404 Not Found Page.

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