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Premium WordPress Plugins v2.9.5 SearchWP for Best WP Search

Premium WordPress Plugins v2.9.5 SearchWP for Best WP Search Plugin

Premium WordPress Plugins v2.9.5 SearchWP for Best WP Search Plugin

SearchWP was built to be a plugin you can install and fully utilize instantly after activating. It was also designed to accommodate developers in every way possible, allowing for very fine-grained control & customization. Purchase and download SearchWP WordPress plugin from the developer.

Instant setup & integration:

Just install and activate. SearchWP automatically replaces WordPress native search using your existing results template.

PDF, Office, text document content support:

Index the PDFs, Office, plain text and Rich Text documents within your Media library, allowing visitors to find content from those documents in your site search.

Search everything:

Pick and choose the post types, taxonomies, and custom fields used for searches. Use weights to adjust result priority.

Developer friendly, automatic updates:

SearchWP’s hooks allow you to customize SearchWP even further. Get automatic updates just like your other plugins.

Multiple search engines:

Easily create supplemental search engines alongside global search to easily facilitate section-specific searching.

Extensions & statistics:

New extensions are added all the time. Keep an eye on search stats so you can react to what your visitors are looking for.

SearchWP WordPress Plugin Free default engine uses your existing WordPress native search forms and results template. Create individual search engines, each with their own settings to meet your needs. Log searches to find out what your visitors are searching for and (not?) finding.

  • PDF and Office Document Indexing
  • Automatic Integration, No Coding!
  • Multiple Search Engines
  • Search Everything
  • Search Statistics and Insights
  • Easy Algorithm Customization
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integration
  • Advanced Custom Fields Support
Benefits of our Premium Membership Plan:
  • Instant download to all premium plugins, extensions, and themes on payment. An instant digital download is provided. No further processing is needed.
  • Regular Updates as of when available. Usually, updates released on daily basis.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time. We will never automatically charge you if you cancel before renewing date.
  • We use only Paypal which is world’s most popular and secure way for online payments.
Download Links
Please unzip the file before installing the plugin, it contains the core plugin as well as the extensions. SearchWP improves the default search functionality in your Wordpress website and is compatible with WooCommerce, EDD, ACF Pro, WP Job Manager and many other popular plugins. This plugin allows you to search e-commerce products, custom fields data, PDF files, and documents. It also provides an insight report which displays the searches performed by the visitors.

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